Characteristics of a social worker

During the week, I blogged about social workers’ perspectives on certain questions I asked them.  I then decided to do some research and went through my study material while I was studying for my Social Work Degree.

The characteristic and features of a social worker:

Personal growth and maturity: It is important when working in the profession to realise that we grow, develop and mature as helping people.  If I have to compare myself in terms of last year and now, I am two different people.  For example, I was always in hurry to complete something or rushing my clients to keep up with me although now I work with the client’s movement but sometimes I do push my clients so that growth and development can take place.

Creativity: In the profession, we go into a routine and do sometimes the same thing over and over and this cause frustration and stagnation in our lives.  We need to be creative and challenge ourselves more as this shows us what we are capable of achieving and to see where our limits are.

Self-observation:  Self-observation is the process where one actively involves and works on oneself.   This is self-love, sensitivity, self-respect, self-dignity, self- worth, self-confidence, believe in yourself and self-acceptance.  We do get lost in this profession but that is when we have to take time for ourselves to get connected again with ourselves.

Self-control: This is the one of the most important characteristics for myself as I sometimes don’t have boundaries with my clients and at the end I burn myself out for clients and they do not appreciate it.  The self-control entails a person’s thoughts, feelings, words, gestures, behaviour and self-discipline.

Courage: I realise a person needs a lot of courage in this profession as we sometimes make decisions where there are risks for ourselves and others.  I think that fear is linked to courage although we should make fear our driven forces to be courage in the profession.

Sensitivity: I think this is a two-way street in terms of ourselves and for our clients.  In the professions we treated our client with basic values of respect, self-determination, confidentially and use the basic and advance skills of attentiveness, listening, basic and advance empathy and immediacy.  Sometimes the client should think before acting as we do want to help them although sometimes it is not the way the client thought we should help them.

This is just a few that stood out for my from the research I have done.




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